US Amateur Four Ball 2021

I had a great time shooting the US Amateur Four Ball this week at Chambers Bay. There was an incredible amount of talent on display from a wide age range of competitors. Below are the galleries of all the shots I captured and edited live on site each night. Definitely some shots that I’d go back and edit again individually, but it was a great learning process to try to pump through a refined workflow and batching/automating as much as possible.

Thanks again to Jeff Marsh for the opportunity, Robert Beck for the tips and banter, the United States Golf Association and David Shefter for enduring my endless questions about the event, USGA, and his 20+ years of working at the USGA. I can’t wait to get back out there at another USGA event!

Tuesday Evening Gallery:
Full res download: Tuesday Evening download

Tuesday Gallery:
Full res download: Tuesday Morning download

Monday Gallery:
Full res download: Monday download

Sunday Afternoon Gallery:
Full res download: Afternoon Edits – Sunday download