Times Sq – 42 St

During my trip to New York this past fall, my wife and I hit the city with a bunch of old film and manual focus cameras. Here are a couple snaps from dropping down into the Times Sq – 42 St subway platform. I shot this with the massive Vivitar 285 mounted on the hotshoe […]

Bandon in 35mm

In February, I made my first trip down to Bandon Dunes, Oregon with a group of friends. If you’ve ever had any interest in golf, you might know that Bandon is almost a spiritual experience for some. You hear all kinds of legendary tales and hyperbolic stories about the place… and it delivered beyond my […]


burnish verb bur·​nish | \ ˈbər-nish burnished; burnishing; burnishes To make shiny or lustrous especially by rubbing //burnish leather Polish //burnish one’s image to rub (a material) with a tool for compacting or smoothing or for turning an edge //pottery with a smooth burnished finish The Burnished Pixel exists simply to display the different media […]